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Friends Day

Invitation! Duarte Nursery’s 20th Annual Friends Day – Friday, May 5th, 2017

Friends Day, the first Friday of every May, runs from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. Friends Day includes nursery tours, a trade show, wine tasting, presentations, and a complimentary catered lunch.

This event has grown year after year; the 2015 event hosted more than 2,500 guests. Holding true to the theme from last year’s event, “One Team One Family,” Duarte Nursery is providing quality products, produced by some of the best people in the tree and vine industry.

Friends Day attendees are invited to participate in tours of either grapevine or tree production. The grapevine tour exhibits the evolution of a vine from grafting to a healthy, ready to plant product. The tree tour will take you to Duarte Nursery’s state of the art Dry Creek Laboratory, and showcases propagation of the clonal tree rootstocks from shoot tip cultures.

Along with nursery tours, Friends Day also hosts an industry trade show. Agricultural firms from throughout the state display their products, tailored specifically to Duarte Nursery customers. While exploring the trade show, you can meet and converse with Duarte Nursery Field Representatives and enjoy a glass of wine at the tasting area.