AvocadoApprovedforWebMicropropagated Clonal Avocados 

Rootstock Options:

Available Spring 2017

Toro Canyon

  • Increased tolerance of Phytophthora cinnamomi
  • Unusual tolerance for saltiness in soil or water

Coming Soon!


  • High ratings for tree survival and growth when replanted into root rot soils
  • Susceptible to trunk canker caused by P. citricola

Zentmyer* (UC selection)

  • Extremely vigorous and highly durable variety
  • PRR-tolerant under most conditions
  • Not recommended for locations where salt is a problem
  • Often does not yield consistently under non-root-rot conditions

Steddom*  (UC selection)

  • PRR-tolerance
  • Good salt tolerance

Uzi * (UC selection)

  • Highly tolerant to PRR
  • Yields are high and usually consistent

Variety Options:

Toro Canyon Grafted with your Preferred Variety –
– Lamb Hass *PP9753
– Gem Hass *PP11173
– Sir Prize *PP9709
– Bacon
– Hass
– Fuerte
– Zutano

Product Format – Duarte Avocado Trees will be delivered in a 5” x 5” x 12” plastic container with a virgin non-soil growing media. Year round planting is recommended for most situations.

Advantages – Avocados are produced from tissue culture in our onsite laboratory. With clonal rootstocks from Duarte Nursery growers will see increased uniformity, higher disease resistance, larger more vigorous trees, and increased yields.