Cocktail Trees

Duarte Cocktail Trees are great for home owners who have limited gardening space, but enjoy a variety of different fruits and flavors.

To understand how a cocktail tree is created, you should understand the difference between the scion and the rootstock. The rootstock is the bottom portion of the tree and is grown for its healthy root system, pest and disease resistance, and vigor or productivity. The scion is the top portion of the tree, which will be the desired fruiting variety. After the rootstock is grown to a desirable size and height, the scions are grafted onto it.

A cocktail fruit tree is created by taking multiple scion buds of either different varieties or species of fruit (still must be within the same family) and grafting them onto a rootstock. This will not affect the specific type of the desired fruit (scion), because the genetics of the scion and the rootstock were not mixed even though they are now one tree.

Duarte Nursery creates cocktail trees with either different varieties of the same fruit or different species of fruit. A cocktail trees can be a peach tree that has an early, mid, and late season peach variety, or a nectarine tree with a yellow and white variety on a single tree. A different species cocktail tree could also be a combination of peach, plum, apricot, or nectarine all on the same tree. In order to graft different species, they must be in the same botanical family in order to be possible. For example, you could not have a cocktail tree that has a lemon (citrus family) and also a peach (rose family).

In order to ensure success of the cocktail tree, the nursery pairs together varieties that are the most compatible with each other. Home owners should also make sure that they have the tree planted in full sun and be watered weekly dependent upon your soil type and climatic conditions. It is also recommended that the tree be cared and pruned correctly. Zones 6-9 are ideal for Duarte Nursery’s cocktail trees. Pruning for structure and balance of growth is a key component to keeping all the varieties alive and fruitful. You must be able to identify the particular variety limbs or you may accidentally prune it off! This is one tree that rewards you when you take your time with pruning.

Duarte Cocktail Trees can be a fun and unique edition to your family’s garden, producing a variety of different fruits and flavors on a single tree!