grape vines


Duarte Grapevines are 100% containerized. No field digging and no cold storage. Duarte Nursery has in house quality and virus testing programs, and are committed to growing clean virus free plants.

Duarte Nursery is always on the forefront of obtaining and growing the newest releases from Foundation Plant Services. DNI’s certified increase blocks have over 385 Grapevine Scion selections, and over 26 certified rootstocks. All cuttings are hot water treated prior to being moved through the nursery.

As growers you can trust that Duarte Nursery dedicated its staff to the responsibility of understanding industry knowledge of plant health issues and regulations that will affect you. You can rely on DNI’s nursery resources and Micropropagation lab to be committed to new ways of minimizing plant health risks.

Product Format

The grapevines are delivered in a 3” x 3” x 6” plastic container with a virgin non-soil growing media. Year round planting is recommended for most situations.

The UberVine

Duarte Nursery proudly introduces the latest in grapevine nursery technology. The 36″ UberVine has been developed in response to grower requests for a replant that will not require the usual time and labor to catch up to the rest of the crop.

The benchgrafted UberVine utilizes an extra-long rootstock cane as well as a proportionally larger pot, when planted it can be tied directly to the training wire. Not only will you save money on vine protectors and installation, you will also see cost savings in first-year training.

These benefits along with the luxury of earlier grape production make Duarte Nursery’s UberVine among the industry’s best values.