UCB-1 pistachio rootstock is a hybrid cross of a specific atlantica female with a specific integerima male made at UC Berkeley in 1960. Offered originally as a seedling stock it gained some notoriety for disease resistance, salt and cold tolerance and vigor, it also suffered setbacks from graft incompatibility and tree to tree variability.

Now with high resistance, tolerance, productivity and uniformity, Duarte Nursery Clonal UCB-1 offers the important advantages of UCB-1, while avoiding the disadvantages.


Duarte Nursery Clonal Pistachios are delivered through a world class nursery propagation capability including in vitro micro propagation technology, advanced highly controlled greenhouses and specialized field establishment systems. Duarte Nursery is a world class leader in micro propagation techniques for agricultural crops.

Product Format

The pistachios are delivered in a 3”x3”x7” plastic container with a virgin non-soil growing media. Field grafting with scion occurs approximately four months following planting. Year round planting is recommended for most situations.


DNI Clonal Pistachios deliver major impacts to growers’ bottom lines. Increased yields, environmental adaptability, uniformity and disease resistance provide clear business advantages.