Clonal Vlach & VX211

Product Format

The rootstocks are delivered in a 3”x3”x7” plastic container with a virgin non-soil growing media. Field grafting with scion occurs approximately four months following planting. Year round planting is recommended for most situations.


The advantages of DNI Clonal Walnut Rootstocks greatly impact grower’s returns. With Clonal Vlach and VX211 growers are enjoying significantly higher production, larger more vigorous trees, Phytophthora & Nematode resistance, increased disease tolerance, and more uniform trees.  Duarte Nursery Clonal Walnuts are delivered through a world class nursery propagation capability including in vitro micro propagation technology, advanced highly controlled greenhouses and specialized field establishment systems.


On site horticulturalist and excellent field staff to help you before, during, and after planting. Duarte Nursery can also advise on establishment of clonal liners in your nursery.