nursery green house

Our goal at Duarte Nursery is to provide the farming industry with the cleanest, highest quality nursery products available. To this end, Duarte Nursery has invested in over thirty acres of indoor growing space, allowing us to provide 100 percent containerized production.

For our customers, a few of the advantages are:

First, the plant has never been planted in the earth, which minimizes exposure to soil born pathogens and nematodes.

Second, being in a container, the product is planted with a complete root system intact, this encourages fast establishment and reduces root-wound exposure to crown gall.

Lastly, a containerized product is held on a nursery bench and is available for delivery any time of year, dormant or green growing. By eliminating the traditional spring window we hope to have overcome some common planting challenges: wet spring – no problem, delayed field prep – no problem, replant after harvest – no problem!